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Commercial Kitchen rental in Spokane



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Commercial Kitchen rental in Spokane

Practice the ART OF COOKING in our one-of-a-kind kitchen space!


​Become a Culinary master, and grow your passion for food into a profitable enterprise. 

Our Commercial Kitchen rental facilities are sponsored and made possible in part by grants from Washington State Employee Credit Union, Boeing Employee Credit Union, and the
Panhandle Area Economic Development Corporation

Who We Are


Our facilities are all Nonprofit commercial kitchens for use by the public, allowing food entrepreneurs to start-up their businesses at a fraction of the cost and helping them to maximize profits when they need it most. 


Become a new success story with your food product. launch that great new idea you have, and See your product on store shelves now!  

Have an exciting new food concept idea? This is the space to develop it in! Call us at (509) 868-7710 and let us know how we can help you.

All of your contributions go towards the costs involved to provide our facility services to the community.



Cooking classes by Culinary experts!


We have the ideal spaces for you to learn or teach Culinary Art with food. Our clients and students can become Top Chef's, not just watch one on TV! Become a culinary expert, serving your family and friends delicious dinners and appetizers based off what you have learned.


Our cooking classes are special one-of-a-kind experiences, combining instructors entertaining talents and specialized skills, for a memorable afternoon. In these classes you will be looking like a seasoned professional in the kitchen in hours not weeks.


Increase the fun by bringing a friend to share in your one-of-a-kind special culinary experience!



Giving back to our community- We believe in supporting our local community and have an established Feed-The-Needy program. We work with other volunteer organizations in the region, to regularly provide the food and facilities necessary to prepare and distribute over 5,500+ meals to homeless and displaced persons each year.

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